The Chariot on the Path of Initiation

The Magician is no longer a Neophyte. In the Chariot VII, he has become a Spiritual Warrior. His daily practice and intensive study has strengthened his subtle body so it appears as armour and his connection with Divinity is now tangible. He has ridden out beyond the city gates, representing his rejection of the mundane world and is armed and ready to travel the initiatory path as the master of his own destiny. In the Thoth image he holds a spinning Disk at his Solar Plexus, he has, through his praxis, created an engine of vital force. The revolving sphere is also the ultimate symbol of the Divine Feminine, The Grail, and, in the Rider-Waite card, he holds a sceptre in his right hand; the Lingam and the Yoni in perfect balance. He is indeed a questing Knight, prepared for the adventures and ordeals he knows he must face. The horses that pull The Chariot in medieval decks have become Sphinxes reminding the Aspirant of the Hermetic code: ‘To Know, To Dare, To Will and To Keep Silent’. The Therionthropic creatures also represent the ‘Kerubic’ signs, the Elements and the Elementals themselves: Lion- Leo, Fire- Salamanders, Eagle- Scorpio, Water- Undines, Man- Aquarius, Air- Sylphs and Ox- Taurus, Earth- Gnomes. There are also four columns supporting the azure canopy of The Chariot, the Charioteer himself forming the Fifth Element- Spirit.

It should also be observed that the vehicle itself is not moving, The Magician is perfectly poised, he has achieved balance. He looks directly out of the frame with the confidence of a future King. He has progressed greatly in his works, so much so that he doesn’t even need to hold the reins. He trusts in the process of Theurgy. Still far from being an Adept he nevertheless has the confidence to face his destiny with calm determination. “Fear is Failure” and the Chariot will eventually carry him over The Abyss. The seventh Atu could be described, therefore, as the calm before the storm!


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