The Lovers on the Path of Initiation

By the time The Magician reaches this stage in his esoteric evolution he will have begun to immerse himself in she study and practice of Magick. Out of all the 22 Trumps this is one of the most difficult to decipher, and versions vary greatly. Indeed this is quite apt, for as the Neophyte begins the true work of the outer grades he will feel confusion and doubt. There will be days when, after hours of pouring over complex symbol systems, head reeling, he’ll stand in his circle and hear the strange ‘Barbarous names’ issuing from his own mouth and wonder if he has lost his mind! This, is progress! The central themes of this strange card are love, marriage, the duality of the sexes and, on a deeper level, Union with Godhead, the unity of opposites and even contact with non-human intelligences. The Lovers is the first card that shows two human figures, which reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero with a Thousand Faces’ where the number 6 on his list talks of finding a friend who will help you in the work and trials of spiritual endeavour. He mentions that this companion may be ‘non-human’ and it is at this point in the Great Work where you may come into contact with guides ans allies on the inner planes. I am lucky enough to have both! I have a great platonic female friend who is also a gifted magickal partner and by combining our Male/female energies during ritual we create a third participant who is far greater than the sum of out parts!

Even at this early stage in his work the Neophyte will begin to notice changes in the person he thought he was. It is well known in occult circles that Initiation often precipitates major changes in every aspect of the ritualist’s life. some of these can appear calamitous but they are really just a way of burning away deadwood and dislodging the negative ego from his false position of dominance. Room must be cleared for the ‘Higher Self’ to manifest, preparing the ground for the subtler bodies which until now have been kept at bay by the over zealous ‘Psychic Censor’. So, to sum up the signpost The Lovers VI, the awakened soul, has glimpsed the beauty and power of the High Priestess and reclaimed sovereignty from family, church and state (The Empress and Emperor) and has began to walk the ‘Royal Road’ even though, at this point, he doesn’t know exactly where it will take him. “Many are called but few are chosen” but The Magician must take that chance…


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