Isis cut-up

What i have just said. Have just said. I When others around you fail or very effective. Or very effective. The harmonic sounds reflects easier now… distractions removed. Now… distractions removed. I have Solomon. I have Solomon. You hold up the temple, remember to take his diary with get dark, write your wish in am the swan and the dove, the reed and the sheaf of child. Sheaf of child. This way my work is there as long as she wants, all day. Wants, all day. As it begins to morning star. To morning star. I am bread and falter you have each other. Have each other. The I am Isis, bringer of comfort, the temple of Isis. Temple of Isis. Here love pain. Here love pain. Meditate for 5 mins on the harmony of your relationship . Your relationship . Love of the divine mother. The divine mother. Either and detailed channel when Saroth brings the pain. Brings the pain. You are of the as much light as you can. As you can. Allow it to fill your entire involvement must cease NOW. Must cease NOW. Sol-laylah… Your grandmother multiverse. Your grandmother multiverse. I bring joy where there walk the country roads she loved. Roads she loved. His diary. However much you are a golden light of love. Light of love. Simple people she loved. People she loved. She will live 2009 April 18th. 2009 April 18th. Isis I am is in a wonderful place with These wishes should be thought about aura. Thought about aura. This is the light and voice recorder or let him copy grass. Him copy grass. Open your heart chakras. Your heart chakras. Absorb must keep this short for saroth is falling behind again. Falling behind again. He must love all things, to find the from your magical diary. Your magical diary. As a is hate. A is hate. Bliss where there was gift, i grant you one wish. You one wish. Her go. She must find her no great speeches, only exhortation to sigil form and energise. Form and energise. Do this dwells as infinite as blades of light and with the light. With the light. Let him everywhere. Let him everywhere. Your attunements together are corn. Together are corn. The evening sun and the wine. And the wine. I am all things. Am all things. I friends. I will have a long Isis of infinite light. Of infinite light. I come forget the place inside your own in any way you see fit. You see fit. A mother loves to give her distracted by the outside world, never good in every man, woman and own way. And own way. I will send emissaries children presents. Emissaries children presents. That is all. That is all. Farewell and hope. Farewell and hope. I surround you in allow Saroth to take home the gentle light in each shen, moving to watch over her but your done. But your done. The light spreads through the today to heal Peh-ten-Sah. To heal Peh-ten-Sah. Feel my and unconditional. My and unconditional. Things will be much two pillars of the temple of. The temple of.


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