Five Points Cut-Up


5 points of the pentagram. Of the pentagram. I five points of the pentagram. Of the pentagram. The am Thoth – Ruler of the ego is removed and temporarily replaced – by use of magic we illusion – our bodies, trees buildings, cities – they are to help we are racing towards the source, of all that is hidden. That is hidden. I am dark – I am light, and entities with which you wish have done since the dawn of God of magic where everything is speed this evolution. Speed this evolution. We may have All that you see is useful of Thoth – transcribing my words highest point is ritual magic – a long way to go but and teachings as other great humans reality and illusion. Reality and illusion. I am the black for I am the guardian us navigate in an otherwise formless to communicate. Formless to communicate. This is not to possible – nothing is prohibited. Nothing is prohibited. Latto where the soul remains but the world. But the world. I will teach you the civilisation. You the civilisation. The human brain is evolving Thoth – ‘ My colour is – you will become the Ape with the various Gods, angels, demons the Godhead, the fountain of reality.. Fountain of reality..

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