No Man but God


Beneath an undulating Van Gogh sky.
(stars blazed like meteors,
we sat down upon a mossy step)
and watched Picassos walking by
the Boy with Pipe and Woman Weeping
the Minotaur and Marie sleeping.
(Freefalling together through the body of Nuit)

Poets, painters, artist writers
mystics, mages, freedom fighters
and a dead Rolling Stone
and the story of the Prodigal Son
Float in a swimming pool
Kurt poses witha loaded gun
and Sid wakes up with a bloody knife
and Billy Burroughs shoots his wife
St John of Bag gets shot
and dies
caught by the Catcher in the Rye

Oscar, Aleister, Modigliani,
Secular saints wreathed in glory
Bent not broken on the Wheel
of Fortune
You dared to storm
The gates of heaven
The brightest, bravest, mocked and slandered
The world now shakes with your dark

the gates of heavenrm

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