I have slipped out of time
At the beginning of the first, I see the last…
“Rise Goddess Rise”
The Boot heel of the Angry Father
Will never dare come down again.
He’s been drinking cheap whiskey
Blind and dying, on an atrocious throne
It is You who birthed us, we shall protect you

We will gather in sacred groves and secret grottos
Invoke Angels of Terror and Delight
Reconsecrate the blasted Earth
Construct great Pyramids of Light

Destroy the Destroyers with the Artes of Love
The Light caress of the Feather
The Flower in the barrel of the Slave Gods mindless guns


Oh Rock and Roll, ohhh Ecstasy!
We will Ghost Dance, Join hands, Swap kisses
We will Conjure up this Century
We are taking it back!
The Magickal Revolution
Bee here now!

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