A Year in Magick from Neophyte to Zelator

Self initiation is a contentious issue. The great oracle Google shows a thousand conflicting ideas on the matter but for me it is quite simple. Initiation is an entry into the alchemical process of turning the base metal of the aspirant into the gold of spiritual enlightenment. Being agnostic in outlook and bred from dour Presbyterian stock, living in the north of Scotland, a barely surviving artist and poet I take my magick where I can get it! On the 10th of June 2013 I was given a book which promised to be “A complete course in Kabbalah Magic and the Great Work of Self Transformation”. One year into the program I feel this manual fulfilled its promise. I believe myself to be a fully functioning magician. Why wouldn’t I be?
I have never been attracted to the robes and regalia of a formal lodge but at first I did reach out to various groups within the Golden Dawn tradition… To me in those early days of my daily work I wasn’t at all sure if I was ” doing it right” and felt that a Lodge would give me confirmation of my magickal ambitions and of course the initiation ceremonies themselves.
If there had been a GD lodge in Scotland I would have joined but now, seeing how certain “leaders” are behaving I’m glad that I and I alone am in control of my esoteric education. By taking part in online forums I can ask questions, get the answers and continue on my own merry way… Who wants to be part of an Egregore who’s members and OHO’s make wild claims and public failures? I think I’d rather continue to study hard and practice harder for it is the repeated use of ritual that maketh the magician…

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