6 thoughts on “The High Priestess (haiku)

    • Thank you grosenberg! That’s really generous of you… They come quite quickly, haiku’s make you ensure every word works. I’m barely able to post my own stuff, but will follow you when I figure out how. Thanks again man…


  1. I have been told by various clairvoyants, either through the tarot, or direct revalation, that “you have seen past the veil!” Well, I have had some very extreme and unusual ezperiences, even unto near death, but this afdirmation is still an enigma to me. Maybe you or another may help me on this?


  2. Sorry Paul, didn’t notice this comment till now… ‘The Veil’ i think, is a metaphor for ‘maya’ or the illusion (delusion) suffered by folks who don’t question ‘reality’ or their place in it. If you look at the 22 trumps of the Tarot as an allegorical journey from ignorance to enlightenment we see the High Priestess veiled in card III (i.e. the aspirant is confronted with the mysteries) but by the time we get to The Star XVII, she is naked, the veil has been removed, the Magician I, in his journey through the alchemical stage-posts of the Atus is gradually becoming a Magus (The Holy Fool 0) by passing through the lessons and ordeals represented in the cards. near death experiences, O.B.E.’s or hallucinogens allow a very direct peek ‘beyond the veil’ of consensus reality… i think hahaha!


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